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Baccarat Betting Rules and Options

Baccarat Betting Rules and Options

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by October 19, 2017 Bingo Live

Baccarat only gives you three options when you make your wagers. The first is called the player bet, next you have the bank bet, last is the tie. These are the three options and also the three hands that are dealt on the table.

Like any other casino card game you are allowed to make wagers anywhere from the table minimum to the maximum amount allowed by the table. You may place your chips on any of the three mentioned options wagering which of them will be the outcome of the current hands. If you placed your chips on the winning hand then you get paid your winnings otherwise you lose the chips you wagered.

Let’s say you made a bet on the player hand. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you hold a pair of cards and playing it against the dealer’s or against anyone else’s hand. To bet on the player hand simply place your chips on that part of the baccarat table layout that says “Player”. Each one of you at the table will have a designated space to place your chips.If the player hand is higher than the banker hand then you win and you are paid even money. This wager has a 1.29% house edge for this wager in baccarat, which is actually pretty good.

Let’s say you bet on the bank hand. Place your chips on the layout for this particular betting option. If the banker hand gets a higher sum than that of the player hand then you win. The bank hand is better than the player hand since it has a lower house edge at 1.01% giving you better chances to win. This is the lowest house edge you’ll find in any casino. The only problem with the bank bet is that the casino will charge a five percent commission if ever this bet wins.

Let’s say you bet on a tie coming up, which means that you are wagering that both the player hand and the banker hand will have equal sums. This is one of the worst bets in baccarat and in a casino. The house edge for this wager comes to a really high 15.75%. The good thing about the tie bet in baccarat is that it pays eight for one. So you have to weigh if the payoff is good enough for the risk of losing.These are your options when making your wagers in baccarat. Enjoy the game next time you have a chance to play.


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