One reason you should move on to online gambling is the idea of harvesting bonuses. While you get free drinks and meals in land-based casinos, online casinos attract you with numerous bonuses. So what are these bonuses you can reap?

There is what is called welcome bonus. This is the bonus you get when you first sign up for a certain casino. Welcome bonuses are also called sign-up bonuses. Online casinos have them to attract you to sign up with a certain website. If you are to choose between a casino website with a welcome bonus versus one with none, you would certainly sign-up with one with the bonus.

The welcome or sign-up bonus may be in a form of no-deposit play or match. In no-deposit play, you are not required to deposit money into your account to be able to play. The match welcome bonus is when your deposit is matched by the website; like your deposit doubles. For example you deposited a hundred dollars; the website will match it up with another hundred dollars so end up having two hundred dollars betting money.

There is also a monthly bonus. This bonus is meant to keep you – more of preventing you from looking for another casino website. You will incur this bonus when you have stayed for a certain period of time playing in a certain casino website. Different casino website will have different policies on awarding this bonus. The bonuses commonly come in percentages – like 20% of what you deposited.

Then there is also the high-rollers bonus. If you invest large amounts into the casino website, you enjoy certain rewards. It may come as a unique promotion – free play for one week – or any other perks to keep your gaming pleasurable.

Don’t forget about the payment method bonus. Certain website, although there are a variety of payment options available, would want or prefer this specific payment method. And so to encourage you to use that preferred payment method, the casino website will award you for doing so. It may be a 10% more on your betting money.

To get more from your online gambling experience, grab all the bonuses you can. First you get the sign-up bonus for joining a certain casino website. If stayed long on that casino website you get a monthly bonus. If you put in a lot of money you get the high roller bonus. Then if you use the preferred payment method you may get another bonus. Whoa! That a lot of bonus there with online gambling.

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