The Art of Casino Baccarat and Online Baccarat


It is but common to tip the dealer when we’re playing at a casino and in fact this is a great idea. However, when it comes to casino baccarat, tipping is a completely different story altogether. Unusual as it may sound especially since casino baccarat has been said to be the game for the elite, baccarat etiquette requires class.


Take for instance tipping in casino games which could help tilt the slots in the player’s favor. The generous tipper will find that the dealer’s math will work in their favor when it comes to other games but in casino baccarat, this is not possible. All the players will notice if there’s something wrong with the dealer’s math in casino baccarat especially if it’s in favor of one player. In a scenario where there are only high rollers on the table when it comes to casino baccarat, getting caught can be very humiliating.


But this doesn’t mean that the casino baccarat player can altogether forget about tipping the dealer. There are still advantages to doing so and it is thought of as great etiquette but these should be confined to mini baccarat where there are no opponents.


If one is not in favor of tipping and considers it a waste of money, online baccarat is the best way to enjoy the game. We all know it is pointless to tip a computer dealer. There are several great casinos where online baccarat can be enjoyed but regardless of where the player decides to play, it helps to double check the credibility of such casino. When playing online baccarat, it’s not just the payouts that should be considered, the ratings and reviews of other players on the casino play an important role, so does the bonuses and to top it all off, information security. With identity theft rampant these days, it is worth our time to make time to make sure we are safe and secure when playing online baccarat.


For those who have never tried to play to play this game regardless of whether it is casino baccarat or online baccarat, then one is definitely missing out on the fun that this game brings. Online baccarat is very easy to learn and now it’s no longer a game exclusively for the rich. Casino baccarat has a very low edge as compared to other games and a player can enjoy more of this game on a per hour basis.

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