The Chat Feature for Online Casinos


A good way to spend time and get a break nowadays is to play a game via the computer. Today there are many websites where you can play casino games online. The latest feature is the capability to chat with another person who acts as the dealer of the game. Before the dealer was also part of the program. This feature has made the game more interesting and more exciting by having someone to interact with. This is how they define live online casinos. This trend started back in 2003. The first company to launch this was Play Tech. They introduced the live kind of playing games. It became a hit with many people. The main objective of such games is to simulate a real casino environment for the players while playing at home.

The games with live dealers also have many other features. The games have live videos which are streamed online. A good sound or audio is also provided. The audio includes the voice of the dealer and the sound effects of the cards or balls used in the games. This is to give a realistic atmosphere to the game. The dealer is like the actual dealer of a game on land where the players can actually hear his voice.

Including a chat applet into the game came about because of the casinos’ aim to provide more service to the players. Being live feature players can chat with the dealer even while playing the game. You can start this by clicking the button to chat with the dealer. The dealer will then see your message and his window will have images from your table and the bets made. Another smaller streamed video will also come out and allows the player to see the rest of the game while chatting with the dealer. The sounds can be adjusted to the players’ desired volume. This chat feature is found just under the game’s video. Players simply need to just click on it to start chatting.

Live chatting features such as this can be a lot of help particularly for those who have just began playing online games. They now have the chance to ask the dealer any question about the game especially about his bets.

This feature also helped make online games for casinos legitimate. There will probably be more features in the future that we can see in an online casino game.

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