The four secrets of roulette


Roulette is an ideal casino game for both beginners and professional players as it is one of the easiest games to play as well as one of the most lucrative and profitable ones. By using strategy, you can actually decrease the house edge and dramatically increase the odds in your favor. Roulette probably offers the best chance for any game of chance, even better than slots and craps.

To maximize your chances of winning, it pays to know the four simple yet effective principles on roulette winning games.

First, look for European roulette wheels if these are available at your casino. European roulette wheels have a better chance than American wheels and bring home edge only to 2.63%. The extra 00 in American roulette rolls results in a house edge twice that of European roulette.

Second is looking for the best bets, like the prison of bet on European wheels. The jail wager is applicable to equal money bets and works this way: if 0 goes up, your bet is “jailed” and is carried to the next spin. If you win, you recover your original bet that means you lose just half of your original bet. This bet has a house edge of only 1.35%. Look for bets with little luck and do not place bets on single numbers. Better yet, bet on equal money bets such as red or black and odd or even. Placing the best bets will allow you to gamble longer, maximize your funds and increase your winnings.

The third is to control your finances like your emotions. Being able to control your funds wisely will make you better than all the secrets and gaming systems combined. Set a limit to your losses and stop playing once you reach the limit. Also, do not play when you are in a bad mood or you are down with emotion. Gambling when you are emotionally-drained will only make you prone to losses.

The quarter is to avoid and ignore the mathematical systems promising to make you a roulette millionaire. Many, if not all, roulette systems fail because they use probability an attempt to determine the results. It is a known fact that roulette is a game of chance, so these systems are likely to fail. The only mathematical equations that you should believe are the different house edges for each bet.

Roulette should be played for what it is – a fun and exciting game with respectable and realistic chance of winning. However, if you want to get the disgusting rich in the game you should look beyond roulette and gambling in blackjack or poker. Roulette can make you win more than these games, but the winnings are modest.

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